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Polar Barrier

Wall Spray/Attic Brochure (pdf)
Loose Fill Brochure (pdf)

With today's concerns over environmental issues Polar Barrier was developed to address today's most important issues such as Green Build initiatives (LEEDS), recycling, reducing landfill waste and higher energy cost. Polar Barrier insulation helps address these environmental concerns with multiple benefits to help make your choice for buying insulation easier.

  • Polar Barrier is also manufactured using 100% recycled paper. Primarily designed for use in walls and attics, Polar Barrier insulation provides maximum thermal performance (R value) per inch over fiberglass.
  • Environmentally Responsible. Uses up to 10 times less (embodied) energy to produce compared to fiberglass.
  • Advantages of Polar Barrier:

    1. Better Sound Control
    2. Reduced air filtration
    3. Better Energy Savings
    4. Superior Fire Protection